Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club

Rainbow Falls Trail
March 11, 2001

Rocky Mountain Chapter

Rainbow Falls Trail -- Woodland Park, CO

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Sunday, 11 March 2001 was the day I had been waiting for.  It was my first run with the Rocky Mountain 2 Big Bronco's chapter.  We all met at 09:30 at the City Market in Woodland Park, Colorado to decide what trail to run.  We were originally supposed to make a run down Hackett Gulch but decided to run some of the easier trails near Rainbow Falls because of the new snow (10-12 inches) and the depth of the river crossings on Hackett.  There was a pretty good turnout of Broncos.


Here are the folks that showed up:
  1. Rob Hutson- '78 Bronco
  2. Steve Dunham- '89 Bronco
  3. Keith Lawyer- '90 Bronco
  4. Chris Gzybowski- '88 Bronco
  5. Andrew Gzybowski- '85 Toyota
  6. Paul Fogle- '78 Bronco
  7. Vicky and Mike- '78 Bronco
  8. Steve Rickard- '78 Bronco
  9. Mike Borum- í96 Cherokee
  10. Angie and Butch Guthier- í79 Bronco

The Details

Written by Rob Hutson

After meeting everyone and checking out all of the cool Broncos, we headed out to the Rainbow Falls trailhead.  I guess it was about 5 miles from the meeting place.  At the trailhead we stopped for the customary air down of the tires and locking of the hubs.  Once all of that was complete we headed out with Steve D. blazing the trail through the fresh powder.  The scenery was awesome throughout the day.  About 3 miles into an uneventful trail ride we came up on the first obstacle.  It was a 3 tier down hill stair step completely covered in snow.  Good thing we had Steve along to go down first to pack the snow down for the rest of us.  Steve went down with no problems and then decided to show us why he spent all the money on the big block and 1-ton axles by turning around and heading back up the stair steps.  Then Steve R. cruised down and back up the steps to drive the point home about the one ton axles.  The rest of us cruised on down with no problems, every now and then you could hear a rear skid plate kiss the rocks.

Angie and Butch
Angie and Butch dropping off the first obstacle
Brake check
Doing a brake check on the snow
Testing the Edelbrock carb
Praying the new Edelbrock carb will be kind on the bumps
Receiver hitch meets rocks.
Receiver hitch meets rocks.

Once we were all down the first obstacle we loaded up and continued on down the trail.  There were a few steep places on the trail that the non-locked Broncos had a little trouble with but for the most part everyone made it through this stretch un-assisted.  The next challenge was an off camber rutted-out uphill climb.  Once again Steve D. blazed the trail.  After about a mile we came to the next hill.  It was pretty rutted out and steep.  Steve went up the center and was on the gas pretty hard, I believe that his Bronco kissed a tree up at the top.  Next to go was Paul, he started up the middle and got crossed up in the ruts so he decided to take a line farther to the left.  He was on the gas pretty hard but made it without any problems.  Most of the rest took the same line as Paul and ran the left side except for Chris and Steve R. who came straight up the center.

From there we headed on down the trail and passed our turn off to hit the next fun spot.  Steve D, Paul and I were the only ones to try this one.  The trail climbed to the top of the hill with an awesome 360-degree view of the mountains, and yes, it was still snowing.  From the top of the hill there was a long decent down into a valley and then straight back up to the top of another hill, from there it was up and down steep snow covered hills for 2 miles before you could turn around and head back up the steep side.  Steve D. was the guinea pig and took off first.

Steve D
Steve is reaching the top
of a long slick climb.

He disappeared down into the valley and seemed to have vanished.  It seemed like 15 minutes before you could hear the big 460 putting the power to the ground on the way back up.  He made it without any problems.  Next down was Paul in his í78.  Once again his Bronco seemed to disappear for 15 minutes.  Steve said that there was a place to pull over in the valley so Paul could get by and make a run at the big hill so I headed on down in my í78 with the intentions of pulling over at the bottom.  Guess what, I passed the pull off spot and climbed on up to the top of the second hill and started heading down when all of a sudden out of the trees came Paul with the hammer down.  I threw the Bronco in reverse and luckily was able to back up and get out of his way.  Once he was by, I turned around and waited my turn on the big hill.  Paul made it half way up the hill and seemed to have the NP435 in too high of gear and his í78 ran out of steam.

Paul F
Paul backing up for another run.

Paul made it up on the next try and then it was my turn.  What a blast, now I remember why I get 6 MPG.  There is nothing like a 460 with your foot on the floor.  I made it up without any problem and Paul, Steve and myself went to catch up with the rest of the group.

Once we caught up with the rest of the group, Steve D. took over as the trail leader again with me right behind him.  It was pretty un-eventful for the next few miles but the scenery was still awesome (you have to remember I just moved to Colorado from Texas, so all of the scenery is awesome).  Steve did find a few deep spots and swears that a squirrel ran out in front of him right before he put the driver side tires in the ditch; donít worry Steve, I believe you.

Next we turned off on a powerline road that was very rutted and nearly vertical.  Steve blasted up the trail to the top with me right on his bumper.  We parked at the top and waited for everyone else.  Everyone eventually made it, a few with the strap.
Chris coming through the ruts
Vicki and Mike
Vicki and Mike half way up.
Chris about ready to drop in the ruts.
Mike in his Cherokee.
Mike in his Cherokee.

Angie and Butch
Angie and Butch almost made it. Steve Rickardís strap helped them over the top.
Brake check
Keith getting sideways. The right front had 4 ft of air right before this picture was shot
Testing the Edelbrock carb
Steve Rickard making it look easy.
Receiver hitch meets rocks.
Here is the lone Toyota in the group. I think Andrew needs bead locks. This happen 3 more times before the day was over along with a bent wheel.

Once we all went back down the hill it was pretty smooth sailing back to pavement.  We had to stop a few times to re-seat the bead on the Toyota and to take off the bent wheel that met a rock hidden in the snow.  At the end of the trail we all stopped and talked and aired up the tires with Paulís on-board air.  It was a fun day with no major breakage.  I canít wait until next time we can all get together.

Rob Hutson -
1978 Bronco